Eva Claessens is an internationally acclaimed artist whose prolific career spans more than two decades. She engages us through the human body: Her passion and love for its power and fragility are masterfully displayed in her figurative art and nude paintings. Her innovative approach to art is further characterized by the way she transposes the theme of her 2-dimensional paintings into 3-dimensional sculptures, which she then uses as a fresh canvas. Through her work she succeeds in expressing the true union between man and woman and often reminds us of the beautiful oneness of our souls.

Born in Belgium in 1971, she studied at several art academies in her native province of Antwerp. At the age of eighteen she moved to Florence (Italy) where she studied at the Academia Dell’Arte and worked at the art studio of Romano Stefanelli as a model and an artist. Her work took her to the USA, Jamaica, Israel, and more recently to India. During this time she perfected her use of different colour techniques.

She has held several individual exhibitions and participated in others all across Europe, South America, and Asia. Her work has been commissioned by private collections and international companies around the world. At present she lives and works in Uruguay, South America.


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