Experience Photography!

We are very pleased to introduce our unique range of exclusive Photography & Sculpture Workshops.

Some features:

- Workshops are available for all ages, starting at 4 years old all the way up to 65+
- Our team of professional photographers & sculptors ensures a high artistic & creative quality level
- It's all about experience not technique. Of course technical information will be covered where necessary
- It's mastering by doing, not listening. You'll get the opportunity to shoot pics in a creative environment
- Get inspired!
- Covering the complete workflow: shooting, retouching, sharing & printing
- The small group (maximum 8 people) makes it a nearly 1-on 1 experience
- Professional equipment available
- Bring your camera. We'll make sure to have the necessary information to support you
- Hand-outs will be provided, summarizing course content
- In-take call to make sure that the workshop will respond to your expectations and that you have the appropriate preliminary knowledge. You will feel comfortable and have a great start!
- Full range of topics
- Possibility to add an additional session by simple group decission
- Join our topic related communities
- Relax in our lounge having a drink and admire the running expo...

Workshop Portfolio:


- Photography4Kids. Different workshops for Kids starting at 4 years old.
                        3 sessions of 3h each.


- Phoneography or how to get the most out of your mobile device's camera.
                        1 session of 4h.

- Photography Essentials. Learn all the basics starting from zero, an absolute beginners course.
                        1 session of 4h.

- Introduction to Photography. The objective is to provide an in-depth introduction into photography enriched with a lot of challenging activities.
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Introduction to Art Photography. A journey into the history of Fine Art photography. Iconic pictures will be studied and analysed using the basics (exposure, framing, timing, depth of field...). You'll step into these great photographer's shoes...
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Make-Up Essentials. Learn all the make-up basics in one session.
                        1 Session of 4h

- Pet Photography. Great creative workshop on how to shoot your favourite animal in a natural humouristic way.
                        3 sessions of 4h each

- Street Photography. Capture the moment and reflect urban moods & trends. Be part of this trending photographic movement.
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- City Photography. Love travelling but want to improve your on-location shooting, here we'll show you how!
                        3 sessions of 4h each

- Landscape Photography. Capture breath taking landscapes as you never did before thanks to the Pro Tips & Tricks!
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Macro Photography. Master the Art of the extreme close-up, a wonderful discipline in photography!
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Concert Photography. We all know how though it is to take decent pictures in these rapid changing low light conditions where timing is essential.
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Studio Photography. We start by setting-up a studio from scratch and evolve into multi-light stagings. Great course for the experienced photographer and for people interested in setting up a home studio.
                        3 sessions of 4h each

- Portrait Photography. An absolute magic course. You'll shoot portraits reflecting your model's personallity and emotions.
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Fashion Photography. Enter the world of Fashion Photography and expierence the complete workflow: the model, make-up, settings, lightning, shooting, selecting and advanced retouching...
                        3 sessions of 4h each

- Nude Photography. Fine Art Nude Photography is a real challenge and we'll show you how to overcome it covering all aspects. You'll love the results!
                        3 sessions of 4h each.


- A complete range of workshops around photography & sculpture will be announced soon.


Pro-Track Workshops

- Social Media for Photographers. Design your social strategy and move people from "Like" to "Buy"...
                        3 sessions of 4h each

- Make-up Coaching. Intensive Course on Make-Up especially designed for Photographers.
                        3 sessions of 4h each.

- Model Coaching. Photographers, learn to communicate effectively with your model and bring out the emotions you seek for your shoot. And as a model, learn to understand and interpret the messages you get during a shoot. Great coaching session by a brilliant actor.
                        3 sessions of 4h each


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