Workshop #19 Adobe Photoshop Elements - Introduction

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements for Photographers

Workshop #12 Studio Photography

Considering of bringing your photography to the next stage and considering setting-up a studio. This workshop is definitely for you as Benoit starts from scratch.

Workshop #14 Fashion Photography

This workshop is dedicated to Fashion Photography. It covers the full cycle from A to Z, from developing the shoot concept, location & model scouting all the way to post-processing and getting ready for print.

Workshop #13 Portrait Photography

This 3 session workshop provides an introduction in Studio Portrait Photography by Anouk Vandewal. Through practical exercises you'll learn step by step, starting from basic settings, the secrets of making great original portraits. Anouk will gladly share her experience and provide useful Tips & Tricks to create stunning pictures.

Workshop #9 Landscape Photography - Introduction

by Thomas Schurmans

Workshop #6 Animal Photography - Introduction

by Maité Thijssen

Workshop #3 Photography - Introduction

by Maité Thijssen

Workshop #2 Photography Essentials

In this 4h workshop we'll start from zero, a class for absolute beginners! We'll cover all the basics starting using your own camera.

Workshop #5 Make-Up Essentials

This workshop is an introduction into make-up open to everybody who wants to get a 1 session overview of the basics.

Workshop #7 Street Photography - Introduction

Capture the unposed moments, fix what's crossing your eyes! Do you also want to make great pictures of the daily life? A smiling kid, a passionate discussion in the bakery or maybe an over enthusiast local market scene... 

Workshop #23 Photography4Kids Atelier

Photography4Kids (4 - 15 years) - Learning how to look as a real photographer!

Workshop #4 Introduction to Art Photography

Het waarom van een beeld en de elementen die je terugvindt, zorgen voor het openen van andere en nieuwe werelden zonder dat je weg moet van de plek waar je je op dat moment bevindt. Noem het positief escapisme.

Workshop #17 Make-Up Coaching

This course is dedicated to professional photographers, models or people passionate about make-up who want to master pro tips & tricks 

Workshop #1 Phoneography

This course is dedicated to everyone interested in taking great pictures with a mobile device and sharing them with others through social platforms. The course is open to all devices (smartphones, tablets...) as long as they have a camera of course 


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